Photo And Message Mason Jar

Product Description

Encapsulate a personal photograph and message in a compelling, ornamental mason jar.

Great for display in areas from the kitchen top to the mantle piece. The solid glass of the mason jar glimmers under light, drawing attention in any surrounding. Especially magnificent on a window ledge by sunlight, the jar sparkles under sunlight.

A personalised message helps solidify this as a well thought out, charming gift.

Display your favourite photo with a personal message within these decorative glass jars. Your image is printed and suspended from the top of the jar lid leaving it floating within. You can add a personalised message/tagline on the reverse side of the image, written in a Sharpie style font.

Made from: Glass jar sealed with a metal screwtop. The image is printed on 350gsm gloss card and suspended by red string.

Dimensions: Approx. H12cm. 7cm in diameter.



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